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What does stock photography mean to you?
It means a great deal of creative freedom to me.
What are the core areas of your photography works?
I used to do mostly portraiture kind of work in the past but I'm leaning toward travel photography now. I still love to work with people though.
Which image from your Westend61 portfolio are you most proud of?
It's a series of Las Vegas night time images shot from an elevated view point. I'm proud of them because getting them done required to go the extra mile. And it was really cold. :)
What inspires you?
Other photographers work, movies and TV series. Traveling.
How would you describe your photography style?
I think I'm more the technical photographer type than the creative one. I analyze, calculate, execute.
In your eyes: What makes an extraordinary picture?
A message to the brain combined with a treat for the eyes.
What do you like about the collaboration with Westend61?
I like that they're fast and responsive. I love that they do the unpleasant parts of stock work like key wording, marketing and distribution.
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