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What does stock photography mean to you?
Freedom. Passion. Constant learning. Challenges.
What are the core areas of your photography works?
I love cities, architecture and my son. So I love photographing those three areas most. :)
Which image from your Westend61 portfolio are you most proud of?
Almost every single one. There are so many stories behind so many of those images... and you wouldn't answer "which of your kids are you most proud of" if you had more than one, right?
What inspires you?
I love to share and I love to see what others are sharing. I am looking at hundreds of images each day, on many days thousands. I find a lot of inspiration in those.
How would you describe your photography style?
Constantly in progress.
In your eyes: What makes an extraordinary picture?
When content, forms and colors come together.
What do you like about the collaboration with Westend61?
The direct, friendly and helpful contacts. The feedback and information sharing.
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