This is a funny picture. A girl in pink clothes decorates a bike with colourful stickers. But why does she do that? This question we asked the photographer and father of the girl, Martin Wimmer and were suprised, how much high-altitude euphoria was involved in the sticker action.


© Martin Wimmer / Westend61

Martin, why does the kid stick tons of buttons to the bike? Did she want to pimp it  up for carnival?


Martin Wimmer

No, Valentina is not a vandal. Although the bicycle owner might see that differently. 😉
That photo was taken in the upper austrian capital Linz. The local “Höhenrausch” (high-altitude euphoria) is a required course once a year for me and my family. At the same time it is an insider tip for all friends of the extraordinary. What had started out in 2009 during the “Capital of Culture” – year “Linz09” as “Höhenrausch – art above the rooftops of Linz”, is being continued anually by various events. “Spectacular  artwork by international artists, extraordinary “gambling maschines”, workshop areas and a lot of great views!” – that´s how it is described on their homepage. And that´s not a bit exaggerated. Who wants to attend this year´s theme “Angel” has to be patient. Höhenrausch 2016 opens on May 20th and closes at the end of October.
Back to the image: As a little warning let me tell you, it´s not a good idea to park your vehicle right by the entrance. Even if it´s tempting. As a ticket for “Höhenrausch” you´ll receive a little colourful sticker, which you have to stick clearly visible to your clothes. When the visitors leave the exhibition building, this sticker becomes a foreign object which has to go. And sticky things you don´t just throw away. Everybody knows that, who has been a child once.
Further info about Höhenrausch: