© Florian Küttler / Westend61

Storytelling is in. By now there are many apps and programs out there, that make it very simple for photographers to tell their stories with images and caption them. Today, we would like to introduce two of them, Adobe Slate and Steller.

Let´s start with the program by Adobe. Our photographer Scott Masterton begins his great story, that he created with Adobe Slate, with the following words:

„Join us in our photographic story of our road trip around the south coast of Iceland – where we visit the blue lagoon, and experience thermal spring areas, sitting in stunning volcanic landscapes, with mountains, glaciers, towering waterfalls, and black volcanic beaches covered in icebergs.“

Scott traveled the island last summer and brought back stunning images , which he sells through Westend61. Landscapes, that make you want more. And we have no doubt, that some people will be inspiried enough by those images to either spend their next vacation there or to take their own photographic trip.


© Scott Masterton

Adobe Slate certainly has its part in it, because this program allows you to present images embedded in a perfect design in no time at all. You can create your story on either a PC or an ipad, but there is no app for a smartphone yet.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-23 um 12.03.13Let´s have a look at Steller. This is an app which is optimised for smartphones. However, it is available for iphones only. Again, you combine text and images. Wiping through gives you the idea of a magazine.

Steller as opposed to Adobe Slate works as a social network as well. You can follow photographers and like their stories. Westend61 has a Steller-Account for a few days now. In the first story we follow a female jogger through the spanish city of Asturias at early morning. These images with their very modern look were sumbitted by our photorgapher David Pereiras.

That was certainly not the last story we published at Steller. Our photographers have plenty of stories to tell. Therefore: Follow us on Steller!