Genuine all-rounders are a rare species. We live in a time that is dominated by specialists. Take medicine for example – when we have knee pain we go to an orthopedist, a sore throat leads us to an ENT specialist and when we worry about the visual performance of our skin we are (hopefully rapidly) off to a dermatologist. It all makes sense, no doubt. But the great silver bullet would be to go to that one Doctor you personally trust with your problems, and that knows your medical history: we do need all-rounders.

How much they are of value becomes visual in sports. Football players (yes we are talking about soccer!!!) that can do a bit of everything are important building stones and often the motors of their teams. Take the modern „six“ for example. They defend and usually connect the defense with the offense with smart moves and decisions on the pitch. In the end, those creative players are the ones to make their teams shine and carry them to a higher level in a deeply success-oriented branch. We are honest – it all is a little far-fetched. Let’s just checked the Luxy Images portfolio, because that can shine pretty bright as well.

Our partner agency, the Britain-based producer of high-quality commercial stock photography, is just one of those all-rounders we just talked about. Produced in line with the market and always contemporary the photographers and art directors of Luxy Images managed to create a portfolio that is comparable to a patchwork carpet.

We see individuality in every picture which is a real challenge when there are so many of them. Besides irascible lifestyle motifs, the portfolio is peppered the quietness of architecture shots, followed by vibrant sports images and of course there is nonconformity and non-stock. We are aware it can a surprisingly colorful mix, but it’s precisely what makes the pictures of Luxy Images sexy. To be honest: the Luxy images make our hearts skip a beat – every day.