I really can’t tell you how proud we are right now at Westend61. Admittedly a bit exhausted, but quite proud. The final step of replacing the old version of our website with the new one only took a few minutes, but lots of hard work came before that.

Moreover, this hard work was managed in record time: From deciding to build up a modern webshop in February to the preliminary design drafts in March, from the spontaneous logo relaunch in August up until the debut of the site’s new version – not even mentioning all of the tasks in between. Anyone who’s ever set up an online shop would agree: eight months is really no time at all, especially keeping in mind everything else that was happening at the same time…but we’ll save that for another day.

We’re also sincerely grateful for the combined efforts of all those who were involved. We’d like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who both internally and externally gave us their support during this project – such an achievement can only be accomplished when everyone pulls together. In our case, we were especially lucky to have the assistance of the following people:

  • Oliver Marquardt, the Project Manager, who had everything under control.
  • Arnd Großmann, the Chief Programmer, who can finally once again emerge from the depths of our database.
  • Michael Amarotico, the Front End Programmer, who jumped aboard an ongoing project and adapted incredibly quickly.
  • Hassan Mülhaupt, who developed and supervised the design, and now knows more about programming than he ever wanted to.
  • Beatrice Wanek, who conceived, developed and provided the text content for everything accompanying the webshop.
  • Marti Praessl, the Creative Director, who had the last word regarding image selection.
  • Simon Göhler, who is now looking forward to drawing on his sales expertise while greeting customers in our shop.
  • Gerald Staufer, who helped keep everything together and challenged us along the way.

An extra special thanks to all of our W61 colleagues, for going through this hard time with us and giving their support in a myriad of ways, and for their patience when they had to wait for a response and for their understanding when we couldn’t address their issues right away.

And now, we are looking forward to your feedback! Visit our website, take a good look around, try out all the features, and let us know what you think – your input is important to us!

P.S: There are a few features which aren’t included in this rollout, so keep visiting us to stay on top of new features as they’re added to the website.