What came after the summer of the century 2018? Crisis meetings, especially when it comes to the agricultural sector, many thoughts on the progress of climate change, an equally dry fall, and very wet winter. It was the 8th winter in a row to be over the average temperature. Then followed a speedy spring and we are almost back into a cozy warm summer.

Since our photographers and we take sustainability very seriously, anchoring it in our image concepts and productions, we want to carry on the importance that is a sustainable lifestyle and things you can positively influence.

Life consciously for a sustainable summer

The summer of 2018 left its mark. It burned itself into the agricultural fields but hopefully also in our conscience. In the meantime, we hear about first prohibitions for Diesel-powered cars, accompanied by some outcries. We banned plastic straws from the bars of this country but still drink our Caipirinha too care-free.

Germany has set climate numbers settled in the climate protection report 2018 that we will fail by far for 2020. It planned on reducing emissions by 40% while we will make it to 32%. The reasons for this lay in the economic growth and the market for oil, coal, and gas as well as car emissions. We simply became more people in the country, and we logically consume more. It still takes a change of mind to achieve our goals. Changing to eco-friendly energy, abandoning cars and using alternative mobility concepts, waste separation and maybe even the transformation of our diet – these are no new things but proven steps towards a more sustainable future. This starts with every single person and not just like that as a mass phenomenon. Those who can lower their interest in those western luxuries that we take for granted will do their stint for a more sustainable summer.

Either way, we think that it’s also time to enjoy the benefits of summer – sustainably, of course.

26 degrees, pools and barbecue parties

The summer that we see as a „burner“ is one with comfortable temperatures and not one that dries our field. How about around 26 degrees, so we can stroll to the ice cream shop and stand in line without any time pressure waiting for the cold gold. After that, we find ourselves in an open-air cinema or at the grill party of our friends. We sip on fresh ice tea or maybe Mojito – with an eco-friendly straw. We share that ice-cold watermelon at the beach and have the sun tickle our skin.

Sommer is the time we leave our desktops and put our hands out in the airstream on the road. We wander over fields of green, happily enjoying the flourishing nature around us.

You may ask how we are already in these summer vibes? The answer is pretty simple as our Creative Department has been looking at summer photos for the past couple of months already. Due to our international network, the sun in our office shines 365 days a year, and we would not have it any other way.