inspire_5_enThe family is a universe unto itself, and in the stock photography market, it belongs to the most beloved subjects of all time. The popularity of this subject is due to the fact that most people will be confronted with this theme at some point in their lives. At the stage of life where family planning comes into focus, many important decisions – including those involving purchases – have to be made.

Companies which specialise in bringing family- oriented products to the market want to persuade the decision makers (the parents) that their product is the best, or that it is indispensable. Therefore, they favour photos which convey and reinforce this type of advertising message. This in turn creates a continual need for fresh, conceptually strong images which reflect important life decisions and focus on thesignificant changes in life.

Westend61 owns these images. The movie is a compilation of a huge “Family” Trend Briefing that we provide for our contracted photographers.