„Homebanking“ and „learning at home.“ Some of our monthly highlights are fitting 100% into the „Corona Zeitgeist.“ But, there are also more usual highlights like tech and business campaigns. We present the crème de la crème of April.

Photographer: Letizia Haessig
Client: HSBC UK

Young woman sitting on the couch at home using laptop - LHPF00002

Photographer: Letizia Haessig
Client: Mobilcom Debitel

Germany, Black Forest, Sitzenkirch, two happy young women sitting on railing at Sausenburg Castle - LHPF00166

Photographer: Alba Vitta
Client: Sony

Acrobat jumping somersaults in front of yellow wall - AFVF00695

Photographer: Christian Vorhofer
Client: Citrix SD-WAN

Craftswoman wearing hard hat working at pipe - CVF01466

Photographer: Larissa Veronesi
Client: SWR2

Little girl doing homework with headphones and digital tablet - LVF07945