The boy in this image is looking very satisfied. A childhood dream is coming true. Laying in a bathtub filled with smarties. How many smarties do you actually need, to fill up a whole bathtub with them? That´s what we asked our photographer Judith Thomandl.

Boy bathing in chocolate buttons

© Judith Thomandl / Westend61

Dear Judith, how many packs of smarties does it take to create such a picture?


Judith Thomandl

At first I had planned an image where Luca is laying in a bathtub completely filled up with smarties. But as soon as I figured how many smarties I would actually need for that, I knew, that were too many.

So I prepared a box which wasn´t much bigger than Luca´s head that had an extra stand to rest his head on and a second level. Due to that we only needed a layer of smarties which was 3 centimeters thick. After all we ended up using 40 packs of smarties for this image. Filling up a whole bathtub would have taken at least 5 times as much even if it did have a false bottom. I am just glad that the smarties had no logo printed on them. Erasing all of them to enable RF-usage would have been a pain in the a..!

Being 9 years old, Luca was tremendously patient and of course he was allowed to keep a full bowl of smarties for himself.