One of the series that most impressed us in the recent years, is from the young austrian photographer Valentin Weinhäupl (28). He calls it the „Naked Ass“ series. From our perspective these images are rather art not so much stock images and so we wanted to know a little more about them.


© Valentin Weinhäupl/Westend61

Valentin, there`s a whole series of you, standing naked and with your back towards the camera in the middle of different landscapes. What‘s the idea behind these photos and how did you come up with it? Did you plan to step on the wall before, or did it all just unfold spontaneously?


Valentin Weinhäupl

The „Naked-Ass“ series has its origins in New Zealand, where I was travelling for three months. On a highway on the Southern Island I just had this idea – probably because I was the only human beeing around and I didn’t need anything but my tripod and a selftimer. And somehow this idea, that I didn’t take too seriously in the beginning, turned into this series that I continuously keep working on and I‘m most known for nowadays.

Most of the time these photos just happen spontaneously because the setting has to be en point: No people around, no architecture, nothing but pure untouched nature – this is how the feeling of complete freedom can emerge. It might sound a little banal, but these pictures give me the opportunity to become one with nature for a small moment.

The photo on the wall is quite an exception though: It was taken during a short vacation with friends in Jesolo (Italy) right before our departure. It’s on the rooftop of a 10 Floor building. I was really eager to take home a „Naked-Ass“ picture from this holiday and that wall was my only chance to catch the horizon, without having to depict the super crowded beach. But especially because the wall makes this picture stand out from the rest of the series, it is one of my favorites.