The wind is blowing and a woman stands at a crooked angle at the ship´s rail. That instantly brings up a question to our photographer Frank Muckenheim.


© Frank Muckenheim/Westend61

Does she fall over or not, Frank?

Frank Muckenheim

Frank Muckenheim

I took the picture on our way back from my favourite island of Ithaka to the mainland. Diana and I just had three weeks of vacation – I had not taken that much time off for a long, long time. And time off I mean literally: We basically did not do anything else besides swimming, laying in the sun, eating, reading… playing the guitar a bit. Every now and then I raised my camera to take a picture, but that was more for sentimental reason but out of a profession. That might sound unambitious, but we were never before that relaxed.

According to that was our mood on the ferry. Both cheerful and melancholy. We sat on  deck, let the strong breeze blow through our hair und and looked at the waves. At some point Diana got up, stood by the rail, leaned forward against the wind and said: Look! I released the shutter. Done.

Did she fall over? No. I like the image, because it seems as if Diana was drawn or blown back to the island by the ionic winds.. And that describes exactly the feeling, that we had that day.