There’s a woman stuck in a mud pit. She’s not panicking, but rather laughing and having fun. She doesn’t seem to have any difficulties freeing herself from the mess. What’s this all about? That’s what we want to know from our photographer from Gijón, Marco Govel.


© Marco Govel / Westend61

What was the woman doing there in the mud? Was she able to get out by herself or did she need help?


Marco Govel

Oh no, she didn’t need any help. This was a picture which was taken during an extreme sports competition. To be more precise, the competition was part of the obstacle race event “The Farinato Race”, which took place in January.

In this type of competition, the participants not only have to cross through mud pits, like the one you can see in the picture, but they also have to climb high wooden walls, crawl under barbed wire fences and electrified mesh, jump over burning obstacles, or, burdened with heavy tree trunks, climb steep inclines.

The competitions usually take place at several locations in Spain or Portugal, and this time the event was held in my hometown, Gijón. So I certainly didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to capture some exciting photos there.

Although many of the photos I took of the athlete, Tati Vázquez, show her with an anguished look on her face, we actually had a lot of pretty fun moments together. The wide range of emotions that the competitors experience is the essence of such an event.

The quote on the photo is what the athlete said a few days after the competition:
“I’ll never get tired of saying that this was the best experience of my life. Self-sacrifice, triumphing over challenges, determination and power. I’m hoping and wishing that this race was just one of many I’ll have in my life.”

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