Here in Bavaria we`ve been freezing for days now. The temperatures are way below zero and if you dare to leave the house, you better get in polar gear first or at least try to wrap yourself in as much clothes as possible to protect your skin from the merciless cold. We were of course pretty surprised when we stumbled upon this unusual picture of our photographer Miriam Dörr. We just had to ask:

© Miriam Dörr/Westend61

Miriam, is your model really out there in the snow almost naked, or is the image „photoshopped“?

Miriam Dörr

It‘s not photoshopped at all, the snow and the cold were absolutely real. I remember too well, because this time the model was me, and my partner who I work with took the photos.

It was indeed freezing cold and although we had chosen a rather remote location, cars full of people with their mouths and eyes wide open seemed to be passing us by every ten minutes. Additionally there was this unbelievably grim wind that made things even chillier than they already were. My partner needed a lot more attempts than usually to get a satisfying result. Since he was laughing uncontrollably and therefore couldn’t keep the camera still. In between takes I jumped from one leg to the other to at least warm up a tiny bit. This didn’t make things easier for him. We wanted to try different angles and perspectives and had brought quite some props, so it took me a while until I could finally get dressed again. As soon as we had finished, we went straight back into the house. After a hot bath everything was fine again.

With this shooting we wanted to implement the concepts of (bad) vacation management,  weather change and Climate Change.