This picture is suspenseful. What is this boy doing there, what does he see? Although you can only see him from the back, you can sense that he is very attentive. Jess Derboven, who shot this image of his son, is illuminating us.


© Jess Derboven/Westend61

Dear Jess, what exactly is the boy doing there? It even looks like he got punished?


Jess Derboven

The image got shot on the ground of “Hexenwasser”, a recreation park in Tirol. This attraction is called “Klangsteine”, something like “sound stones”.

I asked my son to put his head through the hole of the concrete, natural stone wall. He then discovered a really amazing sound experience because all noises reflect in there and get directed to the head of the spectator. So you can experience those sound effects by standing in the center of the round room and speaking or whispering there. As a photographer I had exactly this picture in mind – so we both got something really cool out of this.

Further information about this recreation park can be found here:
Besides, this sound effect can be experienced in the show room of “Swarnowski’s Crystal Worlds” in the city of Wattens, Austria, too. A true insider tip and worth going! Moreover, I do recommend for all families to spend a holiday at the beautiful Achensee. Us parents and our son had so much to discover, a very diversified holiday!