Most shoots contain a number of surprises and unexpected moments. There’s often a sense of spontaneity and humor, and a little faux pas here or there – which just makes you more the wiser. Our Westend61 photographer Bernados can relate to that, especially after a miserable incident involving one of the classical elements which fish, clams & coral usually call home.

© Bernados/Westend61


Bernd, the camera in this image looks deceptively real. How did you manage that?
Those who feel photography nowadays is all about illusions with Photoshop tricks or a funky image composition might feel a bit let down. For the shot “Diver Inspects Camera Body”, I placed a real, but not working SLR camera in a basin of water – the rest of the elements I added to the image afterwards.
Hours later, as I was removing the model number and logo of the camera’s manufacturer, I realized to my horror that this was a different camera. Instead of putting the broken camera into the water, I’d let my brand new SLR camera take a swim! I hadn’t dismantled the set yet, so unfortunately the water had enough time to infiltrate every nook and cranny of the camera.
Luckily, Westend61 took on the image, otherwise I don’t think I would have ever forgiven myself. The image hasn’t yet brought in the sum of the damages resulting from my unfortunate switcharoo – but you know, I’m not giving up hope just yet.