Here at the office we could hardly believe our eyes when we saw this image. A mother cuts off her daughter´s sanctuary: a beautiful blonde long braid.
That makes a great stockphoto, but isn´t that a bit too much? We asked the photographer Thomas Degen (aka Tom Chance) about it.


© Tom Chance/Westend61

Who has weeped more when the braid fell to the floor? Mother or daughter?

Thomas DegenAbout three month ago the mother asked me to do a photoshoot that should take place quite soon. Both mother and daughter wanted to get rid off their long hair and the daily routine dealing with it. It was important to the mother to capture the action on camera and also to take some nice photos with their long hair.

But within the past weeks again and again something kept coming in our way and of course we wanted the sun to be shining so the haircut could happen in the wild nature. When we finally started the daughter was quite nervous. But at the same time she was very curious about what was going to happen. When the braid finally fell, both of them were just happy and felt relieved.

So: None of them cried. Only the dauther was a bit stressed out int the following weeks because literally everyone made a comment to her about what had happened to her hair. That turned out to be a bit too much attention in the end.