Take some real men, with bearded faces and lumberjack shirts. Place them in front of the stove and decorate the surroundings with everything you need to prepare a proper burger – oh and of course add a good mood — the outcome: an edgy creation by Westend61 newbie Malte Jäger and our Art Director Michael Kopal.

For this production the team went to their limits: big flames and burning fat turned the old Berlin ambiance into a real chip stand, at least according to the smell. At this moment we want to apologize to the neighbors for causing the fire alarm to go off several times. Deep frying is not that simple. In the end, we had an all-clear signal as we cleaned the whole kitchen properly and aired out the entire apartment. It is as good as new, and no damages were caused.

Streams of light and edgy look

The old Berlin ambiance is known for having big windows which lead the setting sun to flood the apartment with warm light – almost every photographer’s dream and perfect for Malte’s imagery. Taking a look at his portfolio, we can tell that light does the job in his pictures. Also, that way he was able to give the cooks an edgy look. It just fits that burgers with black buns were on the menu that day.

Zur Lightbox "Burger Bros"

Practically one of the models is a chef in real life and took care of the food styling. We always like when the models get involved in the process of creating productions. Since the whole team agreed on a sustainable treatment of food, the group sat down once the shooting was finished and enjoyed those tasty burgers.

Burger Bros behind the scenes

It’s not new to us that Malte is relaxed on set. During the production a couple of weeks ago we were able to look over his shoulder. We are often at the set of our productions, but it is always something different when you get into the action and start to take pictures or videos on the side. Sometimes you are in the way or distract the photographer or models – not with Malte and not with those three cool burger boys.