“Welcome to my little classic boutique. Here you can find exquisite dresses for fashion lovers as well as small accessories and all sorts of things. Of course you pay cashless.” Oops!

To Lightbox "my little boutique"

Peter Scholl’s new production is all about cashless payment. Whether via app or direct pay with a smartphone or smartwatch, it doesn’t matter; the main thing is that it is contemporary and modern across the board. So the aim was to put devices like watches, tablets, notebooks, and even the good old credit card reader in the limelight. Peter was helped by two charismatic models who gave these devices a little pep. We think they did a very good job. The shooting locations, two adjacent boutiques which were kindly left to us by the shop owner, were conjured up with a mixture of mom-and-pop-shop flair and contemporary shopping. We like it, and we’re pretty sure most shooting experts like it as well!