The Corona lockdown from March to June hit our Spanish photographers especially hard. A curfew meant a ban from work for them. It deprived them of an essential condition of their work: to go out and take pictures of the hustle and bustle of life. But some made a virtue out of necessity. With the indispensable ingenuity for their profession, they found ways to realize small but fine productions even in domestic isolation and home offices.

The situation was new to everybody. After all, teamwork and creative collaboration on the set are essential sources of inspiration for photographers. Even after the curfew was lifted, nothing was the same anymore. The distance requirement, masks, and Plexiglas partitions changed the working environment and processes dramatically. But many photographers quickly adapted. And not just in their day-to-day work, but also in their imagery: They quickly produced new, cutting-edge content that our customers appreciate.

Images of the changed office routine

These images of Josep Rovirosa documenting everyday life in a “corona-compliant” office are a good example. For the business production was he rented a whole office for a day. Shortly after the curfew ended, this shoot was the team’s first confrontation with the “New Normal” and an essential step towards overcoming the crisis.

Lizenzfreie Bilder zum Thema Corona


Our Spanish community manager Alba Vitta accompanied the team at work and captured a few behind-the-scenes looks. We find both the production itself and the making-of very exciting as they are fascinating to watch and inspire confidence. It is human creativity that shows us we can defy all adversities.