We’re smack in the middle of summer. As usual, June brought us the summer solstice and, meanwhile, served up the heat as a meteorological side dish. At lakes and rivers, or even in beer gardens, this is bearable, but in the office you can really sag. Time to refresh the tempers a bit.

But what’s the point if you can’t dump the whole water cooler over your head? Sometimes we would certainly like to, but that would be wasteful and not really fair to our colleagues. So keep a cool head, drink a cool spritzer, and move your bodies around a bit. We have to stimulate our circulation. Don’t give sagging a chance.

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Spring creativity versus summer sagging

Robijn Page’s new office production was already shot in spring, but it’s appearing in our online shop at just the right time. The photo series breaks from the usual pattern. The massive fresh push pits nonconformity against the emerging heaviness of the hot summer days.

In the case of this production, this also means movement, which is really athletic and acrobatic. Robijn creates exciting images for a skillful symbiosis of action film, gymnastics, and everyday office life. The model is even standing in front of the computer with ice hockey equipment. True to the saying, “When you have a meeting at 5 pm, but want to be on the ice at 6 pm…” That’s what we call creative execution. Of course you need the right model, which Robijn found in a stuntman whose well-trained body is a must. You can hardly put it any other way: This production is an eye-catcher in every respect

In any case, this extraordinary production has activated us, and we encourage all readers to follow suit. We don’t do handstands or jumps over our neighbor’s desk, but since these images have wandered through the Creative Department, there’s been an increasing surge of activity. Exactly the right thing for when the heat makes you tired.