While some are chilling in holiday mode, others are busy bees and the other way around. Nevertheless, you won’t find the yearly summer slump in visual communications. As we take our attentive eyes everywhere we go, we see plenty images from our photographers: at our kid’s first day at school, a sailing trip on the shores of Madagascar or in Japan, where we watch our friend’s cat take a nap on their overly comfortable bed on a windowsill. 

We want to shine all the light on a few specific usage examples from this past summer! You can find the original pictures by clicking on the samples. Sometimes we are surprised which parts of an ad come from our images.

We start with Philipp Dimitri and a small sailing trip around the world we won’t come back from, in absolute positive means. 

Client: LOTTO Bayern

Portrait of smiling mature man on the phone on his sailing boat - PDF01154

In deep thoughts and quite in comfort Zeljko Dangubic´s  photo decorated the homepage header of the client A. P. Møller-Mærsk.

Client: A. P. Møller-Mærsk

Elegant senior man sitting on couch in a cafe looking out of window - ZEDF01111

As every year the end of summer is a fantastic day for many children: the first day of school. We would not want to miss a few sweet school cones – this time photographed by Michelle Fraikin.

Client: IKK classic

Miniature school cones hanging in a row - MFRF01226

Exclusive Sale by Sullivan.

Client: FREE NOW

Gallery Model WEST21128

As promised, some cat content from Japan. For us a rather unexpected highlight but a one that made us smile a lot.
Image by Richárd Bellevue.


Espresso can, coffee cup and pastry by the window - RIBF000413