We, like so many others, are fans of series. From time to time, a certain series is hyped and hotly discussed in our office. It seems we can’t help but find situations from the latest binge-watching weekends in one submission or another. That’s what happened to us recently with the

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That’s what happened to us recently with the Joseffson production. Beach, pier, house, two women in real harmony with each other…it all sounded a lot like Grace and Frankie.

Mother and daughter having a picnic on the beach - JOSF03694

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin reinventing their lives

After their husbands reveal, late in life, that they are homesexual, the world of Grace, played by Jane Fonda, and Frankie, played by Lily Tomlin, is turned upside down. The two couldn’t be more different, and they absolutely hate each other, even seeing each other as rivals. Dramatically, having the two share a beach house and life from now on just works.

Mother and daughte holding hands at the - JOSF03673

What at first sounds like a disaster soon becomes charming entertainment, peppered with the little clichés concerning getting older and the repeated confrontation with the two ex-husbands. As they are both in the same boat, the two develop a wonderful and delightful friendship, finally joining forces to face the challenges of aging together. We are big fans of the series and can only recommend it to every heart, young and old. It is worth it!

Senior woman listening music with headphones on the beach - JOSF03690

Malibu in Flensburg

Returning to the Joseffson production—the guys would have loved to shoot it in Malibu, same loction as the series, but for now the beautiful Flensburg coast serves as a backdrop. (One can still dream, however.) The models are mother and daughter, another difference to the series, although the two of them have likely been through some scrapes together. You can tell that especially in the way the two of them interacted with each other in front of the camera.

Daughter pushing mother, sitting in push cart, through the garden - JOSF03777

The series lives from the fact that the two got along really well and have a great mother–daughter relationship. If you come across as a natural duo, then you’ve definitely experienced a lot together.

Portrait of a smiling woman at the sea - JOSF03763

An interesting detail is how the models were found. Where agencies are usually involved, the team instead went on a search via Instagram and made some unexpected discoveries. The app changes whole markets, especially those fields closely related to photography. After the shoot was arranged with model and mother Babsi, she brought her daughter on board. Besides the shoot location in Flensburg, the team went on a little trip to Denmark (including a hot dog snack in a summery 30 degrees) to bring some hygge flair into this mother–daughter production. Ultimately, the result is a charming and lively series that puts you in a good mood. Just like Grace and Frankie.

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