Sometimes it seems that when one puts their little nose in the public eye, the designation of hero or heroine is reserved for only a few personalities. So though it describes a somewhat elitist circle, Fridays for Future initiator Greta Thunberg rightly belongs to it, as well as Sea-Watch 3 captain Carola Rackete, who, without authorization, docked on the Italian island of Lampedusa with her evacuated emigrants.

And, if we look back 50 years, Neil Armstrong who conquered the moon for us. True heroes, no question. But we can be happy because there is much more, and the Westend61 picture cycle documents this in a colorfully vibrant and, in my opinion, quite impressive way. It’s about the quiet, everyday heroes, be it a fireman or woman or an honorary social worker, who, with an extra dose of courage and commitment, lend a hand without hesitating.

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The problems are there, like climate change, migration pressure, etc., but they are also there, the heroes of the future. In scientific terms, they are the DNA of a functioning society, the heroes of the future.