For his newest production, Philipp Dimitri and his team of four young models set camp in a renowned backyard. This is where Philipps storytelling begins as he as often used this backyard for private parties. Well, why not let him speak for himself as he did not bother to send us some insights from his summer barbecue production. Cheers!

To Lightbox "Summer BBQ"

„Grill and Chill“: That was the theme of my newest production. I had a feel-good summer story in mind and luckily the production day was one of those hot summer afternoons that you would want to spend outside anyway. It did not take me long to find the perfect locations as friends of mine used to run a forge in an old backyard that always had caught my eye. Over the years we spent so many beautiful evenings there, and I wanted to use it as a shooting location ever since. To be honest, I became a bit nostalgic.

Since I did not want any empty plates on my photos, I decided to take care of the food styling myself. Said and done. Packed with my own barbecue and a variety of dips, fresh vegetables, salad, and meat, we went to the location. The highlight of the production was the entrecôte – political correct as we only used organic food.

When I planned the shooting, I was aware that right at the beginning of the barbecue season this will be an appetizer. So I gave my models the memo to not show up on an empty stomach as they would have to wait till the last picture is taken before we have a nice dinner together. Three out of the four probably overlooked the word „not“ and didn’t eat anything before we started as I praised the menu before the shooting. Let’s say it was some pretty tough hours for them. Luckily they are professionals, and you could not tell their hunger looking at the pictures apart from the thrill of anticipation that we all have before a barbecue evening. It made the photos even more authentic.

In the evening we were able to get some more beautiful shots before I redeemed my models and we finally „grilled and chilled“ for real and could enjoy the tasty props – excellent food for everyone!

Altogether it was a lovely shooting and a beautiful day. Our gorgeous model dog was the only little problem as she wanted to stay backstage with our goods, so we only have her in one picture. But to be honest, we totally understood. Many thanks to the whole team and the fantastic Michael Kopal.