It’s a short time before Christmas, and we are talking about summer again. In the stock branch, everything is about having the future in mind and by that we work countercyclical. While people in thick coats pass by our windows images of summer and sun flicker on our screens. Right now we are working on the best pictures for the summer campaigns of 2019.

Every now and then we start to, and in our humble opinion it’s relatable – we just had the summer of our lives. We get a feeling it has set the bar really high. This is when the new production of Gustafsson arrives us. It’s best titled „let’s just hop in the van and drive into the sun.“ The recipe for success of the collective lies in the many perspectives captured by Christoph Kniel, Niko Synnatzschke, and Julius Gnoth. Just said: one of them always finds the right angle and they still have the power to rock the set on a long production day.

With two modes and a Volkswagen van, they started in Cologne and drove into Dürener Land towards Tongeren (Belgium) and further on Maastricht (Netherlands). That means the Team just traveled three countries for one production. The idea developed from a chat with the photographer Richard Bellevue who likes to do this tour for some off time from the job. This way the team knew about all the hotspots.

Looking at the photos, you can tell that the rising/setting sun and long shadows are the central motifs. We feel reminded of long and warm summer evenings, with a scent of freshly cut grass in the air. As we mention – we catch ourselves reminiscing the past summer. But let’s be honest the winter is not so bad either – given that it’s cold outside and maybe snow-white. We sit in front of the fireplace listening to the sound of crackling wood and feeling the warmth of the fire. Perhaps that’s the motive for the next production.