Are you already done with your working year 2018? Bags and suitcases are already packed and „Driving Home for Christmas“ is playing in a loop? The offices are more and more empty the closer we get to the holidays. One after the other we say goodbye to our colleagues and hello to some cozy days on the couch.

It was a rapid year for us. With the implementation of our new webshop we focused more on direct sales and on top of that we treated ourselves with a new CI. We introduced a lot of excellent photographers to our community and made strong partners in agencies all over the globe. Together we work on the specific Westend61 look and philosophy, better said our professional relevance, to widen our portfolio day by day.

Without our photographers, this would not have been possible, and we want to thank them for every single photo they sent in. We are looking forward to the year 2019 which will undoubtedly be filled with more highlights from you. Full of joyful anticipation we await your exciting productions, your breathtaking travels and every unusual idea. But now it’s time that we all get in the holiday mood, see our families and look back on this year in comfort. That’s our mood right now, and we want to show it to you with the last Lightbox of 2018.

Let’s get on the couch!