Francesco impresses us with a well sorted mix from action and emotions. We talked to him about his view on photography and his career as a photographer.


Francesco Buttitta


London, UK

Portrait of happy young woman with her boyfriend among a tree   - FBAF00864

Do you ever leave the house without a camera?

Considering that almost every modern smartphone is a good camera, I always bring one with me. „The big one“ only leaves the house on working days.

At what age did you use a camera for the first time? 

I was twelve when I started. Again I have to talk about phones as I took my first photographies on a rather cheap smartphone. You know, the best camera is always the one available. I am pretty sure that I still have prints from that time somewhere at home.

Back view of woman taking photo of big wheel with smartphone at fair   - FBAF00172

How did you work as a photographer, and how long did it take for you to live off photography? 

At this moment, I can’t say I am living from it entirely, but I took significant steps leading me in the right direction.

Which topics do you prefer to photograph?

People, people, people. People are amazing. It is incredible what we can do in our lives. I’m sure often we don’t even realize how great things are that we are doing.

And which ones do you dislike? And why? 

To me, photography is exciting and beautiful in any aspect. Maybe it is the more commercial jobs that I find a bit less attractive.

Italy, Tuscany, Siena, top view of young couple dining al fresco holding hands - FBAF00186

What was the biggest highlight of your photographer’s career? 

The best is yet to come 😉

Is there a distinctive look in your pictures? 

I like to catch the emotions between subjects. That is what I always go for.

Italy, Elba island, female motorcyclist biking - FBAF00226

One of your productions caught our eye – the rafting production. Can you tell us a little bit about it? How did you plan it and what was the toughest part of the production day.

It took a while to prepare it, but it turned out to be tons of fun, even when it started to rain. On the morning of the production day, I went to the rafting camp for an inspection of the river. I was lucky to have the help of an expert because we needed to find places that looked good and were accessible as I shot everything from the riverside. I also needed to figure out where to use the DSLR and where to use the drone (sometimes both at the same time).

Group of people rafting in rubber dinghy on a river  - FBAF00740

The timing was key in this one and therefore the biggest challenge. You can’t just stop an inflatable raft going down on a rather wild river. I had to jump in the car to get to the next spot and always be on time. In terms of posing, I have to give a huge compliment to the models because it was not easy, for sure.

Group of friends preparing for a rafting trip carrying rubber dinghy   - FBAF00730

What was your motivation to work with Westend61?

I like to work with Westend61 because it is direct, clear, and precise. And because Westend61 cares about people first and not only numbers.

Mother and daughter having fun on chairoplane  - FBAF00166

What is a production you have planned for the future / what is the creation that you always wanted to do?

One of my next productions will be a bit less adventurous. I will document the daily life of a family with children. Another story I always wanted to tell is one of a helicopter pilot. I want to accompany a flight shooting photo and video.

Thank you for the interview, Francesco. We look forward to many more beautiful productions.

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