A few weeks ago we offered a new way for photographers to connect with us – all there is to do is tagging the best images on Instagram with the hashtag #instawestend61. What an easy way to draw our Art Directors’ attention to your work!

Our favourites in April:

Thanks to Thomas Haensgen @wowow.photo, Oreste Gaspari @orestegaspari, Tanja Kopper @tanjakopper, Oliver Helbig @o.helbig_photographer and Zehatz Mehatz @zehatzmehatz. Great work!

By the way, there are already first contracts in process. And for every lifestyle photographer reading about #instawestend61 for the first time: We still are taking on new photographers! Besides submitting an application the classic way, you can now just tag you best images on Instagram with the hashtag #instawestend61. Whether a single image or several, your own images or those of other photographers who might be a good fit for us, our Art Department will be checking your tagged images regularly.

Learn more on #instawestend61 on: https://www.westend61.de/blog/en/a-new-way-to-connect-with-us-instawestend61/