Two months ago we offered a new way for photographers to connect with us – all there is to do is tagging the best images on Instagram with the #instawestend61. And it´s nice to see, that there are already more then 200 tagged images.

We have noticed that even photographers who already have a contract with us like to give us hints to latest productions via #instawestend61. Great! Check out our #instabestnine of RetalesBotijeros pics, which he showed on his instagram account and you can find in our stock, if you are not sure which of your images you should tag to get our Art Directors’ attention.

And for every lifestyle photographer reading about #instawestend61 for the first time: We still are taking on new photographers! Besides submitting an application the classic way, you can now just tag you best images on Instagram with the hashtag #instawestend61. Whether a single image or several, your own images or those of other photographers who might be a good fit for us, our Art Department will be checking your tagged images regularly.
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