jana_maenz_bildSometimes funny, spontaneous und authentic, sometimes melancholic and composed with much love for detail – those are the images of Jana Mänz.

Jana is a photographer, a book author and a mentor in the field of photography – a mother(!) – and even since the beginning of 2012 aboard of Westend61. Actually she is not a producer of classical stock content, but a photographer with a very special and bohemian visual style. Her images invite to dream and most of all reflect Janas love of nature. Her landscape shots arouse wanderlust and her enchanting images of children make the viewers smile. Jana knows how to capture the perfect moment, wether in everyday life or while traveling. A beautiful portfolio has developed over the years which focuses on nature and children. We are delighted, that Jana always brings varity into our different collections with her unique imagery. We admire her passion for photography and like that she sticks to her own personal style, no matter what. Keep it up!