Clean energy, eco-friendly business, zero waste, and ugly fruits – the list of our sustainability buzzwords contains many key terms from the topic of climate protection. Meanwhile, we have more than 8,000 premium images on one of the most important topics of our time in our portfolio, and the trend is growing rapidly. And of course, sustainability is not only anchored in our “business cerebrum,” but it also has a firm place deep in our hearts. After all, many of us are mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts of those who are so committed to the protection and future of our planet.

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The realization of our “green ambitions” at Westend61 is, of course, first and foremost in the proven hands of our photographers for whom we would like to take a moment to express our very special thanks. Not only do they constantly provide us with new, high-quality images that explore all aspects of “green living” and sustainability, but many of them also place great value on environmental sustainability themselves. So they help us to not only make the world a little bit more beautiful with their great photos, but also greener.

CUF45377  - Girl cycling between onshore and offshore wind farm, Urk, Flevoland, Netherlands

Buy photos and plant trees

At Westend61, we have made the principle of sustainability a core component of our corporate culture. And, of course, we are not content with only fine words, but we follow them up with good deeds. 

Let's plant some trees! Here's how!

It is not enough to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in everyday working life for a responsible use of resources, so we have been supporting the “Plant for the Planet” organization as a sponsor and partner since March 1 of this year. For our customers this means: From now on you plant trees with every single image you buy!

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“Good golly: Corona Sunburn!”

Does it have to be about the coronavirus again? Afraid so, but only for a moment! The corona crisis is apparently spreading to the remotest corners of our everyday life. While on the one hand we should be relieved that the feared overloading of the health care system has so far failed to materialize, on the other hand it is only too human to be annoyed and unsettled by the situation. After all, this unprecedented situation triggers a whole host of fears in most of us. But where there is darkness, there is also light. The positive flip side of the coin: Because work, mobility, and consumption are severely restricted, environmental pollution is also reduced, and nature can recover. 

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This year we are spending our spring leisure time on the balcony or going on long walks, instead of driving to the next lake by car or even flying to our spring holiday. The daily rush hour traffic has also been very limited. The logical result: less car and air traffic and therefore fewer emissions; the air is cleaner than it has been for a long time. Even in the “blue mussel stronghold” of northern Germany, sunlight gets through better than usual. We are happy to accept the increased risk of sunburn associated with this as a side effect. So don’t forget to apply your sunscreen!

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Grounds for questioning “how much is enough?”

The coronavirus pandemic has not only forced us to make a collective contribution to climate protection, but it has also given hitherto undreamed of impetus to the digitalization of the world of work, which many companies had previously been reluctant to pursue. The heads of many companies had so far been skeptical or even hostile to the “home office” model, but the lockdown forced them to rethink it, leaving many bosses no choice but to let their employees work from home. In no time at all, not only the technical requirements were met, but structures that complied with data protection regulations were also created – and all of a sudden it went digital!

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But wouldn’t it be much better if the pressure of unforeseen, threatening events didn’t force us to make such positive changes first? If the majority of people were able to use their minds to recognize when and where a change in thinking and direction was necessary? And if we would then not only understand this, but also take that behavior to heart?

HMEF00528 - Blond smiling woman harvesting mangold

It is now up to each individual to see the positive side effects of the corona crisis and to recognize them as an opportunity. In any case, the current, unprecedented situation also offers an opportunity to reflect on the lifestyle we have cultivated up to now – also, and especially, when we think of the environment. We will do many things again and again, but perhaps we as a society will realize now that not everything has to be in abundance. This is not about black-and-white thinking, being right, and setting yourself apart, but about retaining the tried and tested and discarding the outdated – about consumption in moderation.

This also includes honesty with yourself and with others. In the long term, it will be easier to get by without the chatting over coffee in the office kitchen than to give up emission-causing consumer behavior. Or to put it another way: home office is always welcome since it’s much nicer anyway. But I’ll still fly again when I go on holiday.

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