Various outfits, short time windows in the rented location or the coordination of everyone at the set: there are so many reasons to cause stress at a production site. Sometimes it’s even the matter of keeping an overview. An experienced team is just what you need or just be a natural talent when it comes to organizing. It takes a lot to make a production look good in front of the lease and on the lightbox. When you also manage to look right behind the scenes, we are looking at an all-around professional.

Photography for people and humanity

When someone implicates the view behind the curtains into their philosophy of photography they probably know a thing or two about how the mood and surroundings are supposed to be on set – Malte Jäger is one of those guys. The Berlin-based photographer is one of the newer faces of the Westend61-Community. He describes his work as the search for human nature. Photography is his way to understand people and their characters: in front of the sense and behind the scenes, in between we find Malte. He describes his own character as inquisitive. When he holds a camera in his hand, models don’t need to wonder if they get more than posing- instructions. Malte always wants to know who is standing in front of him. This way his vivid work about persons, humanity, and joy come to life.

No chill, burgers on the grill!

Malte is also a person to put wood behind the arrow. His list of clients speaks for itself. Since he became a part of our community around new years he worked on three productions to build up is portfolio in rapid tempo. Three productions in such a short time – that sounds like stress. Back to the view behind the scenes – not a Problem for Malte. One of the three productions titled „Burger Bros“ was captured all around by himself and the production team, in real time on Instagrams Stories and with some pictures. The lifestyle- and food-production was shot in Berlin – which is a perfect match when it comes to Burgers.

The production team was formed by Malte, a producer, and a food stylist as well as our Art Director Michael Kopal. Dark wood, natural light, and edgy models delivered the ingredients for an authentic burger-hype-production. The three male models looked like they came fresh out of the kitchen: plaid shirts, beards, tattoos and visible good mood – a perfect fit.

While the burger pictures are still in the edit before they are freshly served you can visit Maltes Homepage for a sneak peek of the production. We are definitely hungry right now and look forward to many more productions with Malte.