The goal-oriented careerist who wants to get ahead—constantly, in every facet—isn’t actually anything new. The early 21st-century manifestation of the “multi-performer” type, however, is: The “maker” of our day relies on a broad repertoire of digital tech that helps him attain his high-flying goals.

Like no other group, the “multi-performer” embodies the ideals of the modern meritocracy: Typically independent and start-up founders, they’re flexible, cosmopolitan, and risk-tolerant. They’re also forward-looking and can readily think strategically. For the “multi-performer,” career success takes absolute priority; their family lives and social relationships often come in second.

In fact, “Multi-performers” are always working: Not just in the office, but on the train or airplane and, of course, at home. Every minute must be utilized—for this character, “sweet nothings” are an atrocity, purely a waste of time. In any case, this type doesn’t recognize a strict separation of his workday and scanty free time.

Marked Propensity for Self-Optimization and -Presentation

And if the “multi-performer” actually indulges in some type of free-time activity, it’s usually a type of sport with competitive character, travel to exotic locales, consuming art and culture or culinary delights: They always follow the tenet of efficiently optimizing their every day and cultivating their own self-presentation.

One significant element of the “multi-performer” lifestyle is the savvy, time-saving usage of digital and technological innovations in career and free-time: The newest smartphone, the most powerful laptop, costly electronics or “smart home” applications of various types that elevate their professional performance and maximize personal comfort.“Multi-performers” want to keep pace with all technological advances, and not only to make the best use of them in their careers but simply because they want to remain open to what’s shaking, independent of age. At the same time, the extensive use of self-tracking gadgets in their private lives reflects their tendency for perfectionism and self-optimization.

Individuality and self-realization are the central values of a “multi-performer”’s life. Their credo is that anyone can achieve if they’re just tenacious enough. As hard-working as these types are, they’re also enthusiasts of all types of enjoyment, in line with the motto “I damn well earned it.” Because of their career success, “multi-performers” can often afford an expensive if not exactly luxurious lifestyle. They don’t indulge simply because they’re indulgent, but because they want to make their success visible to all: the sports car with all the features, patronizing the most popular in-spots, expensive clothing—the gems of their (brief) off-hours.

A Discerning Target Market for Advertisers

As a consumer, the “multi-performer” is not easy to please; they place the highest demand on the things they purchase. Once they’re convinced of a product’s utility, however, they’ll be great advocates for it. Often, “multi-performers” have a significant influence on society, since, thanks to their determination and gumption, they often wind up in top, “influencer” positions, where they wiled their power and serve as role models for others. The “multi-performer” can also be an important disseminator of information. They’re well-informed in essential fields, such as politics, the economy, and society. This can make them very interesting conversationalists.

“Multi-performers” are the protagonists of a “performance culture,” which represents an influential macrotrend within the megatrend of individualization. The devotées of this lifestyle will continue to succeed, above all in the realm of digital technology. We in trend research might also assume, however, that the pull of this way of life could diminish in the future since meaning-oriented and socially conscious value systems might gain significance in career and economic areas.

As already indicated, the “multi-performer” is a critical and demanding consumer who needs to be convinced by the quality of a product. This target group is therefore a particular challenge for advertisers, one who must be swayed with finely tuned imagery at the crux. Important core elements for the formulation of a commercial message for “multi-performers” include design, innovation, and functionality. The “multi-performer” is always in motion and forging ahead, has a high level of activation, and is therefore easily bored. Only enticing imagery, tailored like a chic suit, will reach them and interest them in a product.

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