Renovating – some hate it others shed tears of joy already planning everything on the way to the next hardware store. There are two ways of renewing: The one where you only have to repaint the walls which is not the most fun. You have to make it fun for yourself which often leads to popular imagery such as painting on each other.

On the other hand, there are significant projects that almost afford a complete rebuild of the interior. This is the projects the hardware-store-sprinter adore. You have to get creative – you plan, sketch, drill, hammer, and glue – have a short nap – you fill out walls, put on new wallpapers, you brush and after all is done, inspect. Not to forget: this can become a real stepping stone for relationships!


In a charming home story, our photographer Peter Scholl and two models show us how creative and ambitious renovating work can become as a collective. The Cologne-based flat offered a perfect location for an action-loaded shooting that leads to a production with lovely pictures.