Petra Stockhausen and her imagery are famous for a youth. On one hand that is caused by the age of her models that she puts into focus, while she also produces colorful motifs. With verve, she includes simple, almost „monotonous“ backgrounds into her compositions: gray concrete or the bald wideness of the forest. Those are the artifices that give her pictures a unique look. Exceptional aesthetics that we love to have in our portfolio.

For her newest production she teamed up with youth again: „never change a winning team” is what they say. She portraits two flower girls in various scenarios. The outcome: a colorful shooting – always exciting and without any repetition of motifs. On our request Petra described how those beautiful pictures came about:

„On my birthday I got a book from a friend. It was a Russian fairytale with delightful illustrations. The cover is what I liked the most. It was the inspiration for the big flowers that you can find on my pictures.

So it came that I asked my friend, the stylist Kerstin Lieven, with whom I worked a couple of times for your productions if she could produce big flowers for this project. As you see in the pictures that was not a problem. We partly staged those flowers quiet abstract because we liked the idea of a fairytale. At the day of the shooting, the wind put some work on the flowers, but our young model stars had fun with the staging anyway.

When brainstorming about the production, we had many ideas about the flowers. For the most part, fairy tales have been the inspiration, but we wanted to go away from the concept of a classical „sleeping beauty.“ I think we managed to do that as we used topics such as guerrilla and urban gardening.

It was three beautiful shooting day. The stunning girls have blown our minds. I love how they realized our ideas.“