What does a weekend of an agile best ager couple look like when they are the type of busy-under-the-week persons. An introduction:

After a healthy breakfast, we start the day with a proper workout and the best way to do that is with your partner as a training buddy. It does not matter if it is boxing, crossfire, or basketball – the most important thing is to motivate each other. But be careful with rivalries! Those might cause stress and even some unwanted bruises 😉

When all stretching and muscle flexing is done, it’s time for a „high five“ and the way home – time to relax!

Best agers, super fit, relaxing after workouts? Not really! First is time for the individual hobbies. The woman of the house is playing the guitar while the man is working the tablet adjusting something in the house. Of course, we are living in a smart home!

Now it’s finally time for some joy: we listen to music or breath in the fresh garden scents standing at open doors and windows. Maybe we stream a movie online, or binge watch your favorite show. Even the most active should find time to relax.

The best ager weekend was shot by our photographer Uwe UmstätterFor the shooting, the real-life couple invited us into their home which was key to an authentic lifestyle production.

After a shared breakfast and discussing plans for the day we went to the workout Location for 2-3 hours. After Finishing there, we went back to the house to shoot the living-at-home story. We were head over heels when our host brought fresh asparagus from the neighbor to prepare a delicious meal. All pictures from the production can be seen in our webshopAfter almost 12 hours of shooting, all participants were happy with the outcome.