Always great to combine two passions: Our photographer Steve Brookland continues to produce stock imagery during his world trip with family. This production was realised during their stay in Bali. He casted models on the beach and booked a chic villa surrounded by rice fields as a location. What you do not see at first glance: The tropical temperatures in which the images were created: “During the morning it got so hot that I dripped sweat into my eye and manual focus did not work properly any more. So I took the first window on my left, a kind of balcony door that I opened to create some draft.” What Steve overlooked: they had forgotten to build the corresponding balcony, there was a huge gap behind the door that could have made him fall down at least 5 m. Luckily, nothing happened and the crew enjoyed the pool to cool down after the shoot.

All images of the production can be seen here.