Flashback Summer: it’s a beautiful day in a small idyllic town called Monschau in the Eifel area, or at least we were hoping for one. Eifel is an area where thick fog clouds like to blend in and take away the warming sunlight. Outdoor and landscape photographers would agree that it is the most beautiful scenery, while others were looking for that perfect lighting. Yes, sometimes the weather can ruin a complete production.

Happy extended family having lunch at home - MJFKF00108

In our case, we were lucky as there was some clear blue sky in between the march of the clouds. In a villa, we might say a dream house. We gathered six models for a multi-generation production: 4 adults and two children. Since they came after each other, the photographers were able to cover a few topics without anyone waiting too long: kids, couple, seniors, and the 3 generation family.

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Who is hiding behind MIJO

So far, everything sounds like a relatively relaxed production. Why the shooting was a particularity after all is easy to explain. We welcome the fact that many of our photographers team up for joint productions. One example is the Joseffson collectiveconsisting of Christopher Kniel and Niko Synnatzschke (aka KNSY) as well as Sebastian Mölleken.

Happy young couple hugging in garden of their home - MJFKF00108

For us, this is a sign that we gathered a homogenous community around us. With the mansion production, we saw the birth of another collective formed by Michelle Fraikin and Jo Kirchherr. The joint project carries the melodious and straightforward name MIJO – a team of absolute professionals. For their first production, they chose a clean and clear visual imagery, which carries the styles of both photographers.

Portrait of two happy twin brothers lying in bed - MJFKF00108

Versatility always wins

We do not wonder that Michelle and Jo chose an indoor production for their first common projects. Both photographers are masters when it comes to photography in between four walls. They manage to create a feeling of coziness reflecting in their images. The interaction between the models creates further electrifying accents. 

Happy senior couple with adult children standing in garden of their home - MJFKF00126

Despite the age difference we managed to put together a very homogenous group that probably would be a great 3 generation family in real life. For their first project, we have to give a big round of applause for Mi and Jo, as we are looking forward to plenty of beautiful productions.

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