Art buyers all over Europe seem to have a thing for outdoor imagery right now. That’s how we explain a good amount of outdoor images of our photographers in the recent highlights. We all sit in the same cold-rainy-weather-discomfort-boat. It’s just a matter of relations. As in northern Europe, we have to deal with heavy winds and rain the Southerners have to deal with temperatures of 10-15 degrees which they are not used to.

So let’s dive headfirst into the highlights and daydream of “better times. “We present a double Umstätter, Katharina Mikhrin, and the two Spaniards Alba Vitta and Gemma Ferrando. We are delighted to see images used in video formats this time.

Austria, Alps, couple with mountain bikes crossing a bridge - UUF16594

Photographer: Uwe Umstätter

Client: OneTouch

Hiking man standing in he mountains, cheering - UUF16013

Photographer: Uwe Umstätter


Portrait of little girl sitting on a meadow with a book looking at her mother - KMKF00074

Photographer: Katharina Mikhrin

Client: Stiftung Warentest

Senior man sitting on top of hill - AFVF03804

Photographer: Alba Vitta

Client: Santander

Photographer: Gemma Ferrando

Client: Mutua Madrileña