Our pictures are emotional, meaningful and unique – at the same time, they are smart. Wait a minute – smart?

Our SMART PACKS, which we recently introduced, have one goal: you get your pictures really fast without any detours and for a reasonable pricing. With the purchase of a SMART PACK, you gain all the advantages and freedoms of a regular RF license. You can receive our 3, 6, and 12 pack in three resolutions (Din A6 at 72 dpi, Din A5 at 300 dpi and Din A3+ at 300 dpi). And the best thing is: With every third picture you pay less for the complete package.

How does it work? From now on you have the possibility to buy a SMART PACK right in your profile. We charge your credit card or PayPal account once you pay for the package and from then on everything is quite easy for you. You can now download pictures within your contingent – no matter the time and your package does not have an expiry date.

To offer you maximum clarity we activate the SMART PACK menu in your profile once you purchased a package. Here we record which pictures you downloaded, how many downloads you have used and how many you have left. You see this under each search results as well.

After every download, the according pictures are automatically licensed, subtracted from your contingent and ready to use for your projects.

There is no easier and cheaper way! Here you will learn everything about the functioning and pricing of our SMART PACKS.

Our SMART PACKS are too small for you and you are looking for a bigger more flexible solution? Then you should take a look at our FLEXI PACKS.
Please contact our sales team when you have further questions. Just send us a mail sales@westend61.de.