Name / Pseudonym:
Jean Schwarz


Magdeburg / Germany

Do you ever leave the house without a camera?
Unfortunately a lot. Only to find out there are so many beautiful motifs…

At what age did you use a camera for the first time?
When I was 19 /20 years old, I held a camera in my hands in a way that made me want to deal with all the functions of it. At 21 I already became a self-employed photographer.

How did you work as a photographer and how long did it take for you to live off photography?
2011 I became self-employed while still going to law school. I played around with photography a lot: architecture, creating wallpapers for offices and of course people photography.
2013, after finishing my studies, I became fully self-employed and stopped working for private customers to focus more on business customers. Since then I am working in almost all the fields that I mentioned before and started to work in macro stock in 2014.

Do you prefer zoom or fixed focal length?
Definitely a fixed focal length as I love shooting with an open blend. It’s just different with focal lengths.

Which topics do you prefer to photograph?
Joy in life and modesty which I find in people photography. And further: architecture, landscapes and macro shots of flowers.

And which ones do you dislike? And why?
Sports – too fast movements and it can’t be influenced.

What was the biggest highlight of your photographer career?
It happened while shooting numerous productions with my favorite model Paula on Lanzarote. I realized how much I evolved as a photographer. It happened once more – three years later – with Paula at a beach in the Netherlands. I wish for everybody to find a job or happy where they can evolve and outgrow themselves. It’s a non-comparable feeling of happiness.

Is there a distinctive look in your pictures?
The joy of life and colors in people photography and quietness and silence in landscapes.

Without which aid or tool would you never want to photograph again?
Stativ and a gray filter

What was your motivation to work with Westend61?
I like how they spread my pictures to their strong partner network. Therefore my chances to sell images grow. Also, I can work faster as I don’t have to spend time on keywording – which Westend61 does better anyway 😉