Name / Pseudonym:
Letizia / Lety


Zurich, Switzerland

Do you ever leave the house without a camera?
Yes, often. I only bring it when I know I will use it. Otherwise, my smartphone is enough.

At what age did you use a camera for the first time?
The first DSLR camera I bought from my first apprentice wage when I was 16. I have to admit I never really dealt with it until I made the step into self-deployment at 21.

How did you work as a photographer and how long did it take for you to live off photography?
On my 21st birthday, I launched my first website and declared my self-deployment. From then on I worked in photography besides my job in sales before becoming a fulltime photographer at 22.

Do you prefer zoom or fixed focal length?
Focal lengths, definitely. Since I almost only work with natural light, they are my go-to lenses.

Which topics do you prefer to photograph?
People and lifestyle. I know it might sound corny, but it is the most beautiful thing for me when people see their beauty through my images.

And which ones do you dislike? And why?
Sports and boring events – as they are just dull.

What was the biggest highlight of your photographer career?
Whenever a job takes me to a beautiful location or destination and clients are happy about the outcome of my work, it is a highlight for me. There haven’t been many dark days, luckily. Maybe that one time, when I didn’t get paid.

Is there a distinctive look in your pictures?
Vitality, naturality and a lot of front lighting.

Without which aid or tool would you never want to photograph again?
Good focal lengths.

What was your motivation to work with Westend61?
One of your scouts contacted me, and I was already triggered by working with other agencies


Letizia Haessig Photography


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