While calculating the licence fees for our new webshop, there was a central question: Why are things often so complicated? That is why we have developed a very clear and easy-to-understand structure, consisting of only four prices:

WEB (ca. A4 bei 72 dpi) Suitable for use with simple web applications such as blogs, articles or online brochures

49,00 Euro

S (ca. A5 bei 300 dpi) Perfect for web backgrounds and banners, as well as small format print items (postcard-sized)

139,00 Euro

M (ca. A4 bei 300 dpi) The right size for high-quality prints and digital displays

329,00 Euro

L (ca. A3 bei 300 dpi) Maximum quality for all print formats larger than A4 (spreads, posters, billboards)

549,00 Euro

These licenses for commercial usage features:

– worldwide usage for an unlimited time on all platforms
– 5 seats for employees/contractors
– print runs up to 250,000 copies
– unlimited page views (online, social media, intranet, etc.)
– usage in advertisements, on websites, for annual reports
– editorial usage (including covers)
– product packaging, calendars

In case these plans doesn’t quite cover your needs, just get in touch. We’ll surely find a solution. Please call or send me an email at simon.goehler@westend61.de.

Find out more about our licensing here.

By the way… most of our images are offered as royalty-free, but we also license a small stock as rights-managed images. The following applies to all motifs marked as RM: The usage fee is calculated according to usage type, size, placement, duration and spread. We can calculate the respective prices for your use on request.