First sight or second impression? Which of these often counts for more than one may think we explain in our series on Trigger Words in which we clarify the second layer of information in photos.


We can see in this photo two young women, obviously having just finished a workout session, refreshing themselves with cold water. They radiate joy, happiness, and positive energy. At second glance, however, we can also see that the two women are satisfied with their own performance and each other and—considering their personal success—feel really good. However, it is not so much about the pressure to perform, but rather about an almost childlike enthusiasm that they connect with sport. The power and zest for life of these women is really noticeable and takes one along, unconsciously transmitting itself to the viewer.

Trigger Word: JOIE DE VIVRE

The Oxford English Dictionary defines joie de vivre as:
Exuberant enjoyment of life, exhilaration, fun, cheerfulness, elation, merriment, triumph, contentment, pleasure, bliss

Synonyms: dynamism, energy, love of life, happiness, enthusiasm, jubilation, conviviality, joy, passion, delight, felicity, anticipation, euphoria

Antonyms: melancholy, misfortune, grief, sorrow

What does it represent? Images portraying “joie de vivre” convey the feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment, fun in life, personal success, and happiness.

Where is the trigger word applicable? This term is used to describe images that can be very versatile, as in, for example, the fields of health, sports, and nutrition. Topics such as self-discovery, personal development, delight, doing something good for oneself, and enjoying the moment can also be emphasized with the picture’s message.

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