Today we are going to continue our series on trigger words by focusing on the term “Unity”, a concept, which can be found in many images.

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What we can see in the picture: A young couple with their newborn baby. They are at home, happy, proud and the father is holding the baby protectively in his arms. At once the observer is aware that this is the beginning of a new stage in their lives, a family has been started. The unity, the familial bond, the safety, which are evoked here, are almost palpable.

Concept: UNITY

The dictionary defines unity as: a state of oneness and harmony, the amicable bond between the members of a group.

Synonyms: bond, union, solidarity, harmony, stability, community, closeness, companionship, togetherness, partnership, alliance, cooperation, connection, agreement, consensus, team

Antonyms: incoherence, disjointedness, dispute

So what is it all about? The pictures we can find under this concept evoke in us a feeling of oneness, interconnectedness, harmony and therefore security.

How can this concept be applied? Images that we describe with the term “unity” are particularly suitable for industries that focus on topics like security and future-oriented, stable social cooperation. For example insurance companies, political organisations, health care providers, and of course families.

All images featuring the trigger word UNITY can be found here by searching for “unity” in the search mask.

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