There is nothing better than finding our photographers work out on the street, in windows, or on product packaging while slandering streets or shops. So it happened in November when everyone working for Westend61 gathered for the annual planning workshop. While we walked to a restaurant, Giorgio suddenly stopped and said, “Hey look, it’s us,” pointing at an image by our photographer Alba Vitta that was used in an Ergo Campaign.
Besides this one, there have been other usage cases focussing on a smart approach. Let us present a few highlights of November.


Two alternative friends posing on steps, wearing yellow and pink jeans clothes  - AFVF01015

Photographer: Alba Vitta

Client: Ergo 

Germany, Cologne, portrait of young woman with tablet sitting at riverside  - FMKF04398Photographer: Jo Kirchherr

Client: heidelpay


Smiling young man with cell phone and headphones at home  - GIOF02896

Photographer: Giorgio Fochesato

Client: HP


Female friends standing on rooftop, embracing  - GIOF02111

Photographer: Giorgio Fochesato

Client: Instax

Italy, Modena, Cimone, portrait of happy friends taking a selfie in a ski lift - JPIF00003Photographer: Juri Pozzi

Client: American Express