A woman and a spider in her mouth. We wanted to know more about that and asked our photographer Martin Benik.

© Martin Benik/Westend61

© Martin Benik/Westend61

Martin,  did the model – your girlfriend –  really eat the spider?


Martin Benik

„Before you are going on your first long-distance travel, you plan on doing everything that documentaries and travel guides claim to be exotic.
Usually it starts with a sentence like ‘how cool – i wanna do that“ and then ends in a complex research. Eating is one of those cultural experiences we are looking for when traveling. Whether it is icelandic Gammelhai in Reykjavik or a close-to-hatch duck egg – the famous “Balut Egg” – despite a lot of disgust you have to try it at least once in your life. Eating insects was always on top of our list and is according to many experts supposed to be the protein source of the future. Therefore, we were quite amazed about how difficult it was to purchase them at an Asian market. In Cambodia we were finally able to find some. Eight legs and a soft body stuffed with eggs fried in palm oil with a lot of garlic. Martina had to taste of course. She finally ate four legs that basically tasted like Soletti salt sticks and garlic, but the body with the eggs she rather skipped.
But I could not miss out on that.”