People tend to blend. It is the approach to associate so that the separate constituents or the line of demarcation cannot be distinguished. It is often the case in cuisine or culinary – a good espresso is a blend of two different varieties. Nonetheless blending is a thing we like to do with ourselves. We are being mingles and thereby blur the boundaries of our relationship status. The mingle term is precisely what leads us to the headliner of this article – a portmanteau. These lingual creations like mingle – mixed + single – create food for thought and logically enrich our language. They bring new associations through to common words into our vocabulary. The most recent and well, maybe not the most popular is the Brexit – the interaction of „Britain“ and „Exit.“ In many ways a strong frontrunner for the ugliest word of the year.

Let’s not get caught up with politics and focus on the stuff that we are here for: imagery. What does that have to do with portmanteaus? We are introducing a new trend in the photo universe: plandid. This outgoing Instagram hashtag is a creation from the words planned and candid – and that’s exactly what those pictures are.

To Lightbox "Plandid"

The plandid phenomenon: a mixture of spontaneity and creative staging.

Instagramers use the #plandid hashtag over 19,000 times, primarily in the selfie culture. The thrilling contrast: plandid shows real simplified all day situations in which we implement conceptional image ideas. Thereby the trend opposes the present complex cases out of manipulation and real evanescent experiences. This way the direction manages to take place in the century of influencers and the ever speeding development of social networks.

Plandid faces the skepticism and volatility of the viewer with the anchoring of an authentic and minimalistic imagery refining original ideas. The simple but genius concept: planned and candid or better: planned but candid.

What makes plandid so sexy? Lateral thinking and more important, new thinking!

The plandid trend emerges from three cornerstones: creativity, humor, and shaping. All of them have the property to lead to new food for thought and lateral thinking through unexpected twists and absurdity. In a massive image flood the plandid trend caters us with a fresh breeze. It becomes an illustration of the tangible reality in an artificially simplified orchestration. It allows shortages and incompleteness to be visible and become a part of showcasing reality – opposing a predominant picture-perfect-culture.