Westend61 stands for real life stock – real people, real images, and real emotions. Every briefing has to be precise because the according productions can’t come off as posed or even fake – it needs real situations.

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Julius Gnoth, further known under his alias Gustafsson, has been taking photos for Westend61 for some time now. He is one of the photographers who specialized in real life stock. His briefings – there are none!
Julius likes to take pictures of his friends on their road trips. Nothing is posed and every image comes from a natural situation. The photos show moments that are just happening.

Canada, British Columbia, portrait of smiling man in canoe holding fish on Boya Lake - GUSF00512

One of his latest trips took him and his buddy Lutz to Canada where his best friend Moritz, a roof tiller, is on a two-year work and travel adventure. Together the three explore places like Emerald Lake, Mount Robson Provincial Park and the Icefields Parkway in the Rocky Mountains.

For us, Julius reports from his trip unfiltered – just real!

„My best friend Moritz is a professional roof tiller and working in Canada for two years on a work and travel base. He is in the country since the beginning of 2017.

Canada, British Columbia, Boya Lake, Boya Lake Provincial Park, kanu - GUSF00374

Lutz, another good friend of mine and I wanted to visit him at least once during that time. The three of us have been on a few trips and adventures before and are functioning together as a team pretty good. I mean we knew we wouldn’t have a problem sharing a mattress in the back of a van and we also shared some extreme outdoor experiences before. It was all set to be a totally exciting road trip.“

Two men sitting at fireplace - GUSF00343

„As always we planned a lot before the beginning of the trip. We did some research and organizing, so we would not miss anything. Indeed we were not too organized after all, so there was some room for being spontaneous. What helped was Moritz being there for six months already, so he got together some useful info for us.

Canada, British Columbia, Kitimat-Stikine A, Glacier Highway, Bear Glacier Provincial Park, Bear Glacier, van - GUSF00386

Of course, I was going to take a lot of pictures, but that’s always the case on trips like this one. Photography is my passion after all. I mean it is like that on all of our trips. My friends like it – when they see the results. In between, they are annoyed at times. They do have to pose or wait a lot :).

Canada, British Columbia, Kitimat-Stikine A, Highway 37 - GUSF00385

When a beautiful moment arises, or the light looks interesting, I use the occasion to take some photos, just trying things. At times it’s only the landscape in the picture, and then I ask my friends to jump in or use some of the things we bring along to give it a particular theme.

Canada, British Columbia, packed van - GUSF00398

Moritz bought a 20-year-old GMC van for us, removed some parts and extended it. He rebuild the back entirely so we had some storage and the bed for the three of us. We loved our driving living room.

Canada, British Columbia, two men sitting at camp fire at Boya Lake at night - GUSF00514

All together we drove over 6,500 Km. Starting from Vancouver, we drove up North, made a brief stop in Alberta and continued to the Yukon. At the west coast of British Columbia, we went back down again to Prince Rupert. There we started one of the most beautiful boat cruises to Vancouver Island. On our way, we passed numerous national and provincial parks, lakes, rivers, mountains, and glaciers. This trip has been beautiful, and I was able to shoot a lot of pictures.

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